I am a painter, collage and mixed media artist. I teach. I design.

My art is inspired by walking the mountain trails both near and far, the lush and delicate colors of flowers and sunsets, the curving forms of fruits at the market, and the surprising images I come across in life daily.

I love to create using combinations of acrylic, gouache, ink, paper, fabric...
When I’m making collage I like to have fun with visual texture and imagery to add layers of meaning and elements of surprise.

I also love hanging out with my two wonderful sons, taking jaunts to beautiful places, hiking most any trail anywhere, lunching and taking art field trips as often as possible with my amazing women friends, and sharing life with my wonderful man.

The places I call home are a cozy house in a small mountain town called Idyllwild, and a light filled home in the desert town of La Quinta, both in southern California.

I make art to bring joy, love, beauty, and inspiration to the everyday lives of people everywhere.
Thanks for visiting. Enjoy!